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1954-55 Parkhurst

1954-55 Parkhurst

1954-55 Parkhurst Hockey had competition for the first time in its history. Topps issued a set of hockey cards that only featured players from the four American NHL teams. Unlike later years, the two companies did not split the teams, as Parkhurst focused on each squad in its own set. In addition, they spotlighted All-Star players, action photos and even featured variation backs.

The front of 1954-55 Parkhurst Hockey base cards show a game-action picture of a player along with a facsimile autograph. A red box in the upper-right corner contains a card number. The only other feature is the white border that surrounds the card. Backs feature two different versions. The regular back is vertically oriented and has the player's name, team and position running along the top, with a line of statistics from the previous season following that. The rest of the card is essentially divided into two parts. The first part leads off with vital stats and then gives a short biography of the player. A black box then details a send-in offer for an album that holds the complete set. The second part is a French translation of the first, including the offer in the black box. Cards 1 through 88 can also be found with one of three Lucky Premium backs that can be redeemed for gifts or a catalog. Though the premium backs are scarcer, there is no added value to either version.

Cards 89 through 100 in 1954-55 Parkhurst Hockey feature action shots, and have no autographs on the front. They also have a bilingual description of the action on the backs. All-Star players are given a solid white background on their cards, as well as a star in the upper left corner. A red star indicates that player was a first-team All-Star, and a blue star is for the second-team unit.

The main rookie in 1954-55 Parkhurst Hockey is Johnny Bower, whose name is incorrectly spelled on the back. Since this was never corrected, there is no added value to the error. In the action subset, a card of Jacques Plante is featured, which predates his official rookie card by one year.

Key 1954-55 Parkhurst Hockey Cards:
Gordie Howe #41
Jean Beliveau #3
Johnny Bower RC #65
Maurice Richard #7
Terry Sawchuk #33

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