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1933 V252 Canadian Gum

1933 V252 Canadian Gum

The 1933-34 V252 Canadian Gum hockey card set included 50 cards. Each card featured a black and white image with the words “Hockey Picture Gum” at the top. The player’s name was below his picture.

The cards were unique in that collectors were encouraged to cut out a box at the bottom (under the player’s name) that involved a game. For this reason, cards will be found fully intact or with the bottom portion removed. Obviously, cards still intact have a higher value.

Many of the players’ names on these cards also included a nickname, which was printed in parentheses after his formal first name.

1933-34 V252 Canadian Gum “Home Hockey Game”
The fronts advertised a “Fascinating Home Hockey Game” and the back explained how collectors could receive one. Each card front included a letter and collectors had to save the letters to spell the full names of any five of the nine team names listed. In order, they were presented:

Toronto Maple Leafs
Montreal Canadiens
New York Rangers
Ottawa Senators
Chicago Black Hawks
Boston Bruins
Detroit Red Wings
Montreal Maroons
New York Americans
The prize for mailing in the number and quantity of letters required to spell five team names was the Home Hockey Game advertised on the front. No details about a contest expiration date are known.

Clarence Abel
Laurie Aurie
Ace Bailey
Helge Bostrom
Billy Brydge
Glenn Brydson
Marty Burke
Gerald Carson
Lorne Chabot
King Clancy
Dit Clapper
Charlie Conacher
Lionel Conacher
Alex Connell
Bun Cook
Dan Cox
Happy Day
Cecil Dillon
Lorne Duguid
Duke Dutkowski
Red Dutton
Happy Emms
Frank Finnigan
Chuck Gardiner
Ebbie Goodfellow
Johnny Gottselig
Bob Gracie
George Hainsworth
Ott Heller
Normie Himes
Red Horner
Busher Jackson
Red Jackson
Aurel Joliat
Dave Kerr
Pit Lepine
George Mantha
Howie Morenz
Murray Murdock
Baldy Northcott
John Ross Roach
Johnny Sheppard
Babe Siebert
Alex Smith
Johnny Sorrell
Nels Stewart
Dave Trottier
Bill Touhey
James Ward
Nick Wasnie

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